What’s in it for the growers?

The Pride of Anglia Grower Group is a new venture from the AKP Group establishing a division of the company that is driven by the successful growing and delivery of processing potatoes.

Focusing on the Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex – the East Anglia area, the aim is to grow a comprehensive range of  processing potatoes from a dedicated group of growers to attract the best markets and  processing customers in the UK marketplace and abroad

The ethos of this grower group will be very much collaborative, with an elected Chair and steering committee, made up of members of the group, providing solid governance.

The aim being to provide integrity, innovation, collaboration and transparency to members of the group – effectively a one-stop shop that in turn allows them to build a sustainable business for themselves.

Based around the integrated supply chain model of the AKP Group, we are looking to build a model based on “strength in numbers” to ensure that in meeting the needs of all of our growers we can mitigate the risks of the individual.

Within this our focus is on delivering clear & tangible benefits to our members;

  • We will take responsibility for 100% of our members crops
    • Ensuring we manage these crops to the best markets and returns for the Grower and the Group
  • Maximising grower return
    • We provide a clear & transparent cost structure, no hidden or retentions fees
  • Access to the AKP Group Services
    • The AKP Group provides first class Agronomy, QC, Storage, Grading & Haulage services – these are available to all members

We will also be looking to leverage the purchasing power of the group to ensure that we can provide the best deals possible for growers when it comes to purchasing important consumables such as seed, fertiliser and chemicals.

So if you’re based in the East Anglia area and growing or thinking of growing processing potatoes, please get in touch and enjoy a new way of growing with this growing Group!

We’d love to hear from you & discuss in more detail how we can work together in the future.