What’s in it for the customers?

The Pride of Anglia Grower Group is a new venture from the AKP Group to establish a division of the company that is driven by the successful growing of processing potatoes.

By targeting the East Anglia region the aim is to grow processing potatoes with a dedicated group of growers & provide an in-depth range of routes to market.

By targeting this specific area of the UK – which is traditionally known for the quality of processing potatoes grown here, we are totally focused on local growers to maximise freshness & speed to factory, whilst minimising food miles and reducing the carbon cost of your raw material.

The Group itself, although a membership group will have strong governance from within, with a Chairman and a steering committee of elected members providing the long-term overview.

Built around the AKP Group integrated supply chain model, this is about growing & then supplying processing potatoes at the right time, to the right place at the required quality with full traceability from seed to factory

By using this model the group also has access to the many years of experience & knowledge the AKP group has built up in the potato sector & all the Pride of Anglia Group will have full access to these services – Agronomy, QC, Storage, Grading, Haulage & Sales & Marketing support.

So with a dedicated grower group we can plan with our customers to match 100% of their requirements 52 weeks of the year, covering any surplus or deficit within the group itself.

We share regular updates with customers, direct from the growers themselves to ensure that we are managing any seasonal variability that might arise.

We are also working with our growers to building upon the sustainability projects they already have in place to ensure that we are growing a truly sustainable crop for both now & the future & as a grower driven group, we are also very focused on education & will be looking to engage with the general public of all ages to educate them on the farming activities we undertake and the provenance of their food.

So, what can we offer you – a one stop shop for all your processing potato needs! A direct link to the grower, which will keep you fully up to date with information on the potatoes you will be buying & using. If you are interested in finding out more feel free to get in touch.